Reitman and Simon

Charles 'Bud' Koch and his wife Katie Koch

Kochs Make $5 Million Commitment to Enhancing the Student Experience

In recognition of his family's multigenerational relationship with Case Western Reserve University, Charles "Bud" Koch, chair of the board of trustees, and his wife, Katie, have made a $5 million commitment to the university.

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President Snyder and Washkewicz

Not Just Business as Usual

Corporate partnerships—in the form of research support, sponsorships, human capital development and direct financial support-have always been a driving force behind Case Western Reserve University's success as a well-spring of innovation.

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Drs. Sersig and Brandt

Financial Spotlight: One Couple's Will Commitment May Mean a Brighter Future for Health Care

Beth Sersig, M.D. (MED '84) and Christopher Brandt, M.D., Ph.D. (WRC '80, MED '84) have focused much of their time and resources on advancing the future of health care. Recently, they established an endowed scholarship and have made a will commitment to support Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine well into the future.

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