Donald Goodman, DDS (DEN '45) and Ruth Weber Goodman

Lauren Smith (CWR '13)

Scholarship Support Inspires Students Across Campus

Through institutional resources and the support of donors past and present, the university's undergraduate, graduate and professional students are thriving.

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The Reinberger Foundation

Profile: The Reinberger Foundation

Over the past several decades, the Reinberger Foundation has awarded nearly $4 million to Case Western Reserve to promote groundbreaking research and improve lives.

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Paul Bilka, MD

Financial Spotlight: Income-Producing Gifts Honor Alumna, Support Tomorrow's Nurses

For the past 16 years, Paul Bilka, MD, has honored the memory of his wife, Madge Mussey Bilka (NUR '43) through a series of charitable gift annuities.

Other creative giving stories:
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