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Students - Permissions

Students - Permissions

Frequently Asked Questions

There are various holds in SIS that can be applied to a student's record that may prevent registration. For example, a registration advisor hold requires that the student communicate directly with his/her advisor each semester in order to have the registration hold removed. There may also be a financial hold due to a past-due balance. You will not be able to register for classes if you have one of these holds. You must resolve the issue directly with your academic advisor or the Office of Student Financial Services, depending on the type of hold.

Please note that the permission option through SIS is for various other situations (i.e., closed class, time conflict, etc.) and does not include holds. Students are encouraged to resolve any hold issues prior to their registration date as a permit will not allow registration for any course if there is a hold in place.

You will need to request permission from the instructor of the course through SIS. (See Request Class Permission for instructions.) If the instructor chooses to allow you into the course, then the instructor will grant the permission for you and you will receive a notification email. If the instructor grants the permission, you must still register for the course. The instructor permission is not a course registration; it is only consent to register. You will be able to view all permissions granted to you in SIS.

From the Student Center, click on "Enroll" and then "Permissions" to see this information.

From the Student Center, click on "Enroll" and then "Term Information", "View my enrollment dates", pick a term and click "Next". The overload limit will be shown in the "Max Total Units" column.

You may only drop/add courses in dynamically dated sessions until the day before the class starts. Please come in person to the Registrar's Office to drop/add after this deadline. Note: To determine the session in which a course is being offered, from Class Search go into the class detail page and in the first section you will find the session.