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Students - Personal Information

Students - Personal Information

Frequently Asked Questions

See our Name Change page for instructions on how to officially change your name with the university.  For information on using a name other than your legal name, see our Preferred Name Policy

There are two ways this could happen:

  1. You have not officially registered for classes. Only students registered for the current semester will appear in the on-line student directory.
  2. You have requested confidentiality for your "directory information." Directory information is a special class of information which may be released without your written consent. This includes your name, address, phone number, major, e-mail address and several other bits of information about you. Aside from directory information, we are required by law to keep the rest of the information in your student records confidential. If you have requested that we keep your directory information confidential as well, all of your student information will be suppressed. This means that your name and other directory information will not appear in on-line directory.

To have directory information suppressed or to cancel a request for suppression, we need written notification prior to the end of the drop/add period. For further information regarding these policies and your rights under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, please refer our Policy page.

You may create a preferred address.  Please see [U]Tech's Preferred First.Last Web Tool for further information.

Yes. The Student Information System (SIS) uses a unique student number, not the SSN, as the main student identifier. The university will still need to collect Social Security numbers for services such as financial aid. We take many precautions to protect your Social Security number as private information. If you have a specific concern about Social Security number privacy, please e-mail the registrar's office.

In order to have student status, you must be officially registered for classes. As soon as you register, your status will be updated to reflect your student affiliation with the university. In the mean time, [U]Tech does not delete your account. The lapsing of student affiliation means that you will only be able to forward your CWRU e-mail to another account.  For more information on email forwarding, please see