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SAC Elections Committee

2012 SAC Nominees

To be chosen by colleagues is an honor and a responsibility that acknowledges each delegate's commitment to serve the CWRU staff members. Through participation in this Council, representatives have an extraordinary opportunity to help shape the future of the University.

Membership Responsibilities

Delegates serve a two-year term beginning September of the year in which they were elected. Representatives fulfill SAC's mission to:

  • Serve as an advisory group with both administration and staff to suggest, comment, and provide feedback on policies and raise awareness of issues that affect the University and the people it serves;
  • Establish and maintain a forum for communication between University staff and administration on all levels;
  • Establish and maintain a forum for communication among staff of the University.

Council delegates represent all members of their constituent bodies by attending the general Council meetings. Representatives have the responsibility to actively participate in at least one committee.

Listed below are the individuals that accepted their SAC Nomination