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an upcoming minor in social justice

mission & objectives

The Minor Program will prepare students across the university to address local, national and global inequities. The curriculum will emphasize history, theory, and practice of social justice; the distribution of power, resources, and opportunities; and appropriate individual and collective remedies for social injustices. Through cross-disciplinary study, dialogue, research, active community engagement, and advocacy and leadership development, the curriculum promotes understanding of one’s place in and responsibility to community, country, and planet. For more details on the SJ Minor program's objectives and curriculum, click here.

curricular collaboration & innovation

Influenced by, and integrated with, the Social Justice Institute’s other initiatives and collaborative approach, the foundation of the newly established Social Justice Minor is a cross-disciplinary, team-taught core course that will introduce students to social justice from a range of perspectives. While we have discovered commitment to and expertise in social justice across the schools, we have also come to realize that there are multiple views and academic perspectives on the meanings of social justice and how to promote it. An innovative component of this curriculum is the featured “signature core course,” which will introduce students to this cross-disciplinary way of thinking at the outset and promote an intellectual culture of collaboration. This course will weave together the richly diverse contributions of scholars from different disciplines and schools.

get involved!

To learn more about social justice initiatives at Case Western Reserve and how you can be involved, contact the Social Justice Institute at 216.368.2515,, or leave feedback here.

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more on social justice

For all those interested, the Institute's first introductory class dedicated to social justice and its MInor Program -- SJUS 100: Introduction to Social Justice -- will be offered each Spring semester. For more details, visit our course information page here.

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