Congratulations to the 2012 SURES Summer Funding Recipients

Michael Berger, Civil Engineering, Case Ground Stormwater Survey Report and Recommendations, Stephanie Corbett, Department of Sustainability

Mona Breslau, Engineering Physics, Engineering Interfaces for Improved Control in Photovoltaic Applications, Kenneth Singer, Department of Physics

Gavin Brown,  Physics, Theoretically guided design of efficient polymer dielectrics for energy storage in capacitors, Philip Taylor, Department of Physics

Morgan Bulger, Management, The Sustainable Economic Opportunities Facing the Agriculture Industry, Bonnie Richley, Department of Organizational Behavior

David Dixon, Mechanical Engineering, Wind Turbine Yaw Brake Analysis, David Matthiesen, Department of Material Science and Engineering

Abigail Dwornik, Political Science, Identifying Factors that Influence Recycling Levels in University Settings, Justin Gallagher, Department of Economics

Grace Eder, Chemistry, Brief Proposal for SURES Funding, Genevieve Sauve, Department of Chemistry

Matheus Fernandes, Mechanical Engineering, On Campus Wind Turbine Wind Resource Analysis and Evaluation, David Matthiesen, Department of Material Science and Engineering

Anthony Gatti, Economics, Political Science, A Path Forward: Investigating the Nature of Environmentally Sustainable Firms, Justin Gallagher, Department of Economics

Ian Kidd, Material Science and Engineering, Optimization of Solar Testing Chamber, Roger French, Department of Material Science and Engineering

Matthew McGoogan, Electrical Engineering, Increasing Efficiency in III-Nitride-based LEDs Hongping Zhao, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Kristen McKee, Physics, Designing New Optical Materials Using Inverse Scattering Theory, Harsh Mathur , Department of Physics

Jenna Millemaci, Electrical Engineering, Green Your Lab Program Development, Stephanie Corbett, Department of Sustainability

Shawn Rupp, Polymer Science and Engineering, Optimization of Indium-limited Transparent Conductive Oxides in the MORE Center, Ina Martin, Department of Physics

Elena Stachew, Polymer Science and Engineering, Development of Accelerated PV Backsheet Testing and Evaluation, Roger French, Department of Macromolecular Engineering