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Spartan Challenge Entrepreneurial Competition

Entrepreneurship is part of Case Western Reserve University’s DNA. Students turn ideas and research into marketplace opportunities. Instead of seeking jobs, they often create them from new technologies and products that add to the world’s body of knowledge and the U.S. economy. Students make a difference.

Entrepreneurial resources -- from specialized classes to research, from competitions to funding -- level the playing field. Any student can brainstorm and develop a business idea.

The Spartan Challenge is one of the newest programs to fuel that innovative spark. The opportunity to earn funding through the program motivates students to develop plans and identify resources to make their business ideas reality.

The Spartan Challenge is the brainchild of Joyce Erony, '81, who has more than 25 years experience as a principal in investing activities, investment banking and business development.

Undergraduate students from throughout Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Institute of Art and the Cleveland Institute of Music are invited to participate in the Spartan Challenge.