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Graduate/Professional Tuition + Fees

Graduate/Professional Tuition + Fees

Each of Case Western Reserve University’s graduate schools and programs has different tuition and fee structures. To better understand your specific program’s rates, use the navigation at left to find out exact details.

If you are looking for tuition and fees information for Case School of Engineering or College of Arts and Sciences, please refer to the Graduate Studies page.

Fees and Expenses

In addition, graduate and professional students have fees that must be paid. Fees and expenses are listed on each school’s page.

For example, health insurance is offered to all graduate and professional students. If you have comparable health coverage, you may elect to waive the Student Medical Plan each semester through the Student Information System (SIS) by the semester's tuition due date.  

Graduate and professional students receive discounted memberships ($116 for Fall, $145 for Spring, and no initiation fee) to One to One Fitness Center, a CWRU fitness center on Adelbert Road. The fee plus sales tax will be included in graduate and professional students’ university charges in the fall and spring semesters unless they choose to opt out through the Student Information System. The opt-out option closes as of the tuition due date.