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Rachna Goel

// Victims’ Defender // LAW ’11 // 27 //

After she earned her bachelor’s degree in social thought and analysis at Washington University in St. Louis, Rachna Goel knew law school was the next logical step in her quest to serve those in need.

Once she completed several years of internships and clerkships, Goel left firm life and founded Jane Doe Advocacy Center, a legal service center for survivors of sexual violence.

At Jane Doe, Goel provides legal services to men and women in St. Louis. The center relies on private donations and volunteers to create long-term solutions for clients.

Goel manages all aspects of the organization, including fundraising, program development, marketing and providing all legal services.

“When I noticed the lack of legal services available to survivors of non-domestic sexual violence,” Goel says, “I knew I had to do something. It quickly became a project, and quitting was never an option.”

In just one year, Jane Doe has provided more than $30,000 in free legal services to more than 140 victims, ranging from infants to senior citizens. —JC

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