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Building our homeWe think one of the trendiest colleges should have the hippest new hangout.

Building our home

Uptown is the new downtown. So said The New York Times in its article about our rapidly expanding neighborhood.

Restaurants. Nightlife. Amenities. We have it all.

But years ago, Uptown was no more than an intriguing idea. It took years of dedication from individuals, business partners, city leaders and the university itself to turn those blueprints into buildings.

Now, Uptown is one of the city’s most diverse and exciting enclaves. On the southwest end stands Toby’s Plaza, a dynamic new open space made possible by the commitment of alumna Toby Devan Lewis, adjacent to the new Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art. On the other sits a bookstore and grocery, with retail outlets and restaurants in between. Uptown adds to University Circle’s rich culture and creates an even more exhilarating, inviting neighborhood.

And to think: It all began with a plan.

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