Novelty, Ohio

The professor in this program has two legs, but even she acknowledges most of the teaching is done by those with four. Jackie Stevenson (SAS ‘78), an adjunct instructor with the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, counts on her draft horses, ponies and zebra to convey her program’s most important human lessons—such as teambuilding and personal discovery—to corporate CEOs, Israeli Army commanders, hospice counselors and more.

"Horses—and how they exist as a herd—have so much synergy with how teams in business work together to accomplish a common goal. It took us to a raw, real state of who we are—and who we want to be. We have new tools for teamwork that will help take us to new horizons together."
Jodi Berg
CEO of Vitamix; Participant in Stevenson's Leadership Program
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