Freedman Center

The collaborative initiative between UCITE and the Freedman Center offers faculty the opportunity to learn about the Freedman Center and incorporate that knowledge into their teaching. Faculty are invited to apply for a 5-week series of interactive workshops designed to empower them to incorporate CWRU’s digital tools and resources into their classroom experience.

Specifically, faculty participants will:

  • learn how to use text mining and data visualization tools to quickly identify trends or themes in large bodies of text
  • participate in activities that will develop their qualitative and quantitative analytical skills
  • develop techniques for communicating with data
  • gain strategies for incorporating digital tools and resources into the classroom.

Ultimately, faculty will become better-equipped to help their students navigate research tools necessary for success in a 21st century learning environment and knowledge-based economy.

The dates for this project are on Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on February 22, and March 1, 8, 20, 27. 

February 22: What is Digital Scholarship?
The first of a five session series, this will focus on an orientation to the Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship as well as a discussion of data, digital scholarship, and the data science process.

March 1: Making Computers Understand
One of the great challenges in using technology in scholarship is preparing our data in such a way that the computer understand what we want it to do.  This session will touch on text wrangling, topic modeling, and introduce a couple of easy tools to start analyzing text of all kinds.  Bringing your own computer is encouraged!

March 8: Introducing Media Projects to the Classroom
Want your students to create a video or other types of media for a classroom assignment? We'll discuss how the Freedman Center can partner with you to provide you and your students any training needed for everyone to produce successful projects. This workshop will also discuss legal and copyright concerns related to media projects including appropriate use of waivers, uploading media to the web, and alternatives to making media public.  

March 20: Communicating with Data 
Good data deserves good explanations. This session will provide strategies on how to develop your students' skills in selecting  effective visualizations, describing results, and discussing overall outcomes. 

March 29: Photography & Photogrammetry (3/29)
Learn about how to get started with photography and use photographs to measure distances, produce 3D models, and more!

Application Process

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