Office of Undergraduate Studies

Declaring a Major or Minor

Students who enroll at Case Western Reserve University as first-year students are expected to declare a major before registering for classes for their fifth semester of enrollment. Transfer students are expected to declare a major before registering for their third semester at Case Western Reserve. Beyond that point, students who have not declared a major will have a registration hold placed on their accounts until they have done so.

Those who will have earned fewer than 60 credit-hours (including transfer, AP, IB, and proficiency credit) by the end of the fourth semester for students who started as first-year students, or by the end of their second semester for transfer students, may request that their dean in Undergraduate Studies allow them to register for the next semester by lifting the registration hold. Students may later change their majors should their academic interests change.

A choice or change of major or minor is not recorded for any student until the major or minor declaration form, bearing the signature of the student, the name of the advisor, and the signature of the academic representative for the major or minor, has been completed and submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Studies, 357 Sears Building.