Office of Undergraduate Studies

Graduation Requirements

Application for Graduation

A student who has completed all graduation requirements in fewer than four years has the choice of graduating early or deferring graduation in order to graduate with his or her class. A student who completes all graduation requirements in four years or more must graduate at that time.

The student must file an on-line application for the degree through the Student Information System by October 1 for January graduation, by February 1 for May graduation, and by June 1 for August graduation; and the student must have discharged all financial obligations to Case Western Reserve University.

Graduation Check

Students must ensure that their Academic Requirement reports reflect accurately their progress toward their degrees. All requested corrections and exceptions must be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Studies at least one semester prior to graduation. Academic Requirement reports are available on-line through the Student Information System.

Participation in Commencement

Students are eligible to participate in May commencement activities provided that they have completed all degree requirements during that spring semester or the immediately preceding fall semester or summer session, or have an appropriate plan to complete their degree requirements in the upcoming summer session or fall semester. A student may participate in Commencement only once as a bachelor’s degree candidate, though exceptions are sometimes made for students receiving a second bachelor’s degree at least one year after the first.