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Exploration Videos

Not sure of your major? Want to find out more about certain majors? Watch our short 3-5 minute videos where we talk to faculty in the department and ask them questions about what classes are important to take the first year, how do you meet faculty in the department and what do people do when they major in certain areas, among other questions.

We will continue to add more videos to the list, so check back often!

MajorFaculty Member
Biochemistry Prof. Samols
Biology Prof. Drushel
Chemistry Prof. Kenney
Communication Sciences Prof. Ciccia
English Prof. Fountain
History Profs. Broich and Lasso
Marcomolecular Science and Engineering Prof. Schiraldi
Physical Education Pat Kennedy and Matt Lake
Physics Prof. de Rham
Psychology Prof. Thompson
Religious Studies Prof. Haas
Theater Prof. Ullom
Undecided Dean Wolcowitz
Weatherhead Jim Hurley

Planning Ahead?

Undergraduate studies offers pre-professional advising for students interested in health careers and law.