CWRU Links
Case Western Reserve University + Ohio Fellowships and Scholarships
Case Alumni Association Scholarships Sophomores/Juniors February
College of Arts and Sciences Experiential Learning Fellowship All students Various
Dr. Jennie S Hwang Award Women Sophomores/Juniors in science or engineering TBD
Ohio Environmental Science and Env. Engineering Scholarships Seniors Spring
Ohio Board of Regents Graduating Seniors TBD
Ohio Space Grant Consortium Scholarships Juniors/Seniors February
Eva L. Pancoast Memorial Scholarship Women Graduating Seniors/Graduate Students in Arts and Sciences March 1
Peter Witt Scholarship Juniors/Seniors in Arts and Sciences (apply during sophomore year) March 1
Phi Beta Kappa Research Grants All students in Arts and Sciences April 15
The George S. Traub Memorial Undergraduate Research Fund Juniors and Seniors in Arts and Sciences TBD