Office of Undergraduate Studies

Integrated Graduate Studies

(BA/MA or BA/MS)

The Integrated Graduate Studies Program (IGS) is intended for highly motivated undergraduate students who are candidates for the BA degree and whose objective is a degree at the master’s or doctoral level. Qualified students may be admitted to graduate study for their senior year and pursue the simultaneous completion of requirements for both the master’s and bachelor’s degrees. The baccalaureate will normally be awarded upon completion of the requirements for both degrees, unless a student satisfies all BA requirements prior to completing the master’s degree requirements. Students in the IGS Program are exempted from the 42-hour restriction imposed on BA candidates for work above the 100-level in a single department. However, the exemption is granted only upon completion of the master’s degree requirements.

FAQs for the Integrated Graduate Studies Program

Eligibility requirements for participation in the Integrated Graduate Studies Program are:

  1. 90 credit-hours earned of which the last 60 hours must have been in residence at Case Western Reserve University
  2. Completion of the SAGES requirements, the General Education Requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, and the physical education requirement; students who have fulfilled all SAGES requirements except the Senior Capstone will be required to complete the capstone during their first year in the IGS program.
  3. Completion of three-fourths of the requirements for the major concentration, including three-fourths of the courses required in the major department.
  4. Admission to a master’s or doctoral program offered through the School of Graduate Studies.

Upon admission to the program, IGS students register as students in the School of Graduate Studies and are subject to the policies, rules and regulations of the School of Graduate Studies. They may, however, continue to receive merit-based undergraduate scholarships and may continue to reside in undergraduate housing during what would normally be their senior year of undergraduate work.

Below is a listing of departments that participate in the IGS Program:

Art History
Chemical Biology
Cognitive Linguistics
Communication Science
Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences
French/Modern Languages
Political Science
Public Health
Where to Begin

Students wishing to pursue the Integrated Graduate Studies program may obtain information from Dean Claudia Anderson in the Office of Undergraduate Studies, 357 Sears Building or 216.368.2928.

You will also need to complete a Planned Program of Study Form (PPOS), which needs to be signed by your advisor and Dean Anderson in UGS.