Office of Undergraduate Studies

Majors and Minors

When you consider the list of options, there are a variety of undergraduate courses, specializations and concentrations you can choose from at Case Western Reserve University.

For a full list of majors and minors, please see our 2014-2015 General Bulletin.

Also, the 2014-2015 Academic Contact List is your connection to academic representatives for every undergraduate program on campus.

Although some first year undergraduates enter with definite degree goals, students will not be assigned an advisor in their major course of study until they have declared a major. Opportunities for exploration of majors and minors during the first and second semesters include a Choices Fair, departmental information sessions, and individual conversations with faculty and academic advisors.


All students must complete the requirements of a major field of study.  A major ordinarily includes a program of ten or more courses.


A minor concentration requires no fewer than 15 semester hours and normally requires no more than 18 semester hours.  With the exception of minors offered by the Case School of Engineering, students must earn a minimum cumulative average of 2.000 for all courses taken to satisfy minor requirements and for which grades are averaged.  Transfer students who wish to complete a minor must complete at Case Western Reserve University at least half the requirements for the minor.

Minors are not required.  Students have the option of completing a minor in a discipline other than the major. The successful completion of a minor will be indicated on a student's transcript.