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April 2012


Academic Related News


Remember students can take up to 19 hours without needing an overload. While the normal course load for students is still 15-18 hours, you are able to enroll in up to 19 hours. However, before you start enrolling in that many hours, I would urge you to ask yourself do I really need that extra course? Could I be spending time doing community service, volunteer work, research, etc., that I will not have time to do if I am taking 19 hours.

To register for 20-21 hours, you must have at least a 3.200 cumulative gpa. To register for 22 or 23 hours, a minimum of average of 3.50 is required. Any schedule of more than 19 hours require's dean's approval.

If you meet the requirements to overload and you want to add a class now or over break, you can email Dean Butler, Dean DiIulio or Dean Hamel, your request. Please include how many hours you are requesting, the class(es) that you want to add and why. Your request may be able to be approved via email.

Where Are All of the Geology Courses??

The Department of Geological Sciences (GEOL) has been renamed the Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences (EEPS).  Because of this change, courses that previously carried the prefix GEOL are now labeled as EEPS.  If you are looking for geology courses for next fall, be sure to look at EEPS courses!

Maintaining Academic Good Standing

A order to be in academic good standing at the end of a semester, you must earn at least 12 hours and a 2.000 gpa for that semester. The complete academic standing rules can be seen here. If you do not meet those standards, you will be placed on academic probation. In order to get back into good standing, you must earn at least 12 hours and a 2.000 semester gpa in the fall. If you take at least 6 hours at Case in the summer and complete at least 6 hours with a 2.000 gpa, you can be returned to good standing at the end of the semester and you will be considered to be in good standing for the fall semester.

If you are on academic probation, you cannot participate in varsity athletics, or hold an elective office in a student organization. If you have any questions, please see someone in the UGS Office.

If you are currently on academic probation and do not get back into good standing at the end of the spring semester, you will be considered for academic separation. If you have any questions about this process, please see someone in the UGS Office.

Planning for Summer Classes: On and Off Campus

If you are planning on taking summer classes at Case, the first day to register is April 2. You need to have your advisor release your advising hold in order to register. Remember tuition is 1/2 price for the summer! Summer courses are now listed on the searchable schedule.

You should also check out the May semester. Complete a 3 credit course in 3 weeks! Courses end by June 1, so you have the rest of the summer to work, do research, travel or take other classes.

If you are planning on taking classes off campus, there are some polices and paperwork that you must follow and complete. The policies are listed on the Off-Campus Study Request Form. In order to complete the Off-Campus Study Request Form, you must collect course descriptions for the courses(s) that you are interested in taking and bring them to the department for the course to be evaluated. The completed and approved form should then be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Studies in Sears 357. Please make sure to get the course approved in advance, to make sure that it will transfer.

For those of you who live in Cuyahoga County, please pay special attention to the specific residency restrictions listed in the student handbook.

Information for Graduating Seniors

With graduation rapidly approaching, there are some deadlines and reminders that are worth reviewing!

  1. Pick up Commencement Tickets.

    If you registered to participate in commencement, you can pick up your tickets in the UGS Office from April 18-May 4. Remember that only the convocation is a ticketed event. There will be overflow seating for convocation in Horsburgh Gym (basketball gym), where the ceremony will be simulcast. After the convocation, all of the graduate and professional students exit Veale...and the undergrads stay. The Undergraduate Diploma Ceremony (when your name is called and you get your diploma), is not ticketed and there should be plenty of seating for your family and friends.

  2. Commencement Rehearsal: 10:00 am. Horsburgh Gymnasium

    Attendance at Commencement rehearsal is required for all graduates receiving a Bachelor's Degree. This is when we will explain the process, tell you were you need to sit, and provide you with other very most important information for commencement day.

  3. Academic Requirements Report.

     If you are still seeing that requirements are not satisfied and you do not have a pending exception or other solution worked out, don't keep ignoring it!! See someone in the UGS office to try to work out a plan before it is too late

Be Prepared: Exam Schedule for Classes with an SI

Plan ahead. If you have not already checked out the dates and times of exams that have an SI.

Final Exams- Verify Your Schedule Now

Please verify your final exam schedule now. Make sure that all of your travel plans are after your final exams. You can find the Final Exam dates hereYou should also consult your syllabi for all of your classes.

Students are not required to take more than two final examinations on a single day. If you have three final exams scheduled for a single day or two exams scheduled at the same time, you should email Dean Wolcowitz in the Office of Undergraduate Studies. In the email, you should provide the dates, times, and classes for which you have the conflict. He will work with you to reschedule one of the exams

Retaining Your Scholarship

The retention standards for merit based (Full tuition, Trustee's, President's, Provost's and other merit based scholarships) scholarships are different from the first year.

At the end of each academic year (June), the records of all scholarship recipients are reviewed. To have a scholarship renewed for the following academic year, a recipient is expected to satisfy two requirements:

  1. A minimum number of hours earned after enrolling at Case. The requirement is 54 hours by the end of the second year and 84 hours by the end of the third year. This does not include AP/IB/transfer or Pre-College Scholar credit earned prior to enrollment at Case.
  2. A minimum cumulative scholarship gpa of 3.00. If you have used the repeat option remember your scholarship gpa will include both grades;your cumulative gpa does not include both grades.

If you have a Provost's Special Scholarship, you must maintain academic good standing.

If you meet the above stated standards, your scholarship will automatically be renewed for the following academic year. If you do not meet the standards, there is an appeal process.

Appeal Process

In exceptional or unusual circumstances, the Committee on Academic Standing will continue a scholarship for a student who does not meet the standards to retain their scholarship. It is your responsibility to write the Committee on Academic Standing- Scholarship Appeals, c/o Office of Undergraduate Studies by June 1, to inform the Committee of any special or extenuating circumstances which may have affected your performance and/or attendance during the preceding year(s), and to request special consideration for continuation of your scholarship. This letter can be mailed, faxed (368-4718) or emailed to Lynmarie Hamel.

You can find the compete scholarship retention policy in the 2011-2012 CWRU Bulletin.

Completing Your SAGES Writing Portfolio

As you are completing your final University Seminar, you should begin preparing your SAGES Writing Portfolio for submission. You can check out SAGES for what is entailed in submitting your portfolio. Don't wait until the last minute to do this. First you don't want to be running around senior year trying to get this done. Don't take the chance that your hard drive dies and you no longer have access to your old papers, etc. Just write the 2 page paper now and get it done and over with!!!!


Intersections: SOURCE Symposium & Poster Session

SOURCE encourages all students to attend Intersections at Adelbert Gym and talk to students who are presenting their research and creative projects there. Intersections is a great way of learning about research on and around our University. It is also a great way to support your friends who may be presenting....and get a glimse of what you it like to present your projects!

Poster Presentations - 12:00-2:45 p.m.

Oral Presentations - 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. (schedules will be posted on the SOURCE website on 4/18)

Location: Adelbert Gym

Meet the Dean

Jeffrey Wolcowitz, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, invites all undergraduate students to attend his final Dean's Study Break of Spring semester on April 30, 2012 from 4:00-6:00 p.m. in the Thwing Center atrium. Food and beverage will be provided. The Dean's Study Break is a casual occasion for students to chat informally with Dean Wolcowitz and with one another. The conversations will pause at 5:00 p.m. for Dean Wolcowitz to address questions from anyone in attendance. Students should feel free to attend for any period of time during the event.

Scholarship Opportunity

Case Merit Based Scholarship

Only available to second and third year students who do not already have a Case merit based or FP Bolton Scholarship

Case will award a limited number of scholarships for 2012-2013 and subsequent years to students (including international students) who are currently enrolled at Case and who have compiled a record of achievement, participation and leadership that distinguishes them from their peers.

There will be 12 new scholarships in the amount of $10,000 awarded this year.

To be considered, students must complete an application and submit a recommendation from a faculty member. Recipients will be selected in June by the Committee on Academic Standing.

Eligibility requirements for consideration:

  1. Applicants must be second or third year students who have not previously received a Trustees, President's, Provost's, Deans, Faculty, Faculty Honors, FP Bolton or other merit based scholarship.
  2. By the end of the spring 2012 semester, students who entered in fall 2009 must have earned at Case at least 90 hours and have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.750. Students who entered in fall 2010 much have earned at Case at least 60 hours and have a cumulative gpa of at least 3.750.

The scholarships will be renewable through the fourth year of undergraduate study or until completion of the undergraduate degree, whichever occurs first. After receiving the scholarship, a student must maintain full-time undergraduate status, earn at least 30 credit hours in each academic year, and maintain a cumulative scholarship grade point average of at least 3.00 in order to retain the scholarship.

2012-2013 Financial Aid Applications

It's time to complete the 2012-13 Financial Aid forms. All continuing undergraduate students who are applying for need-based aid must complete the CWRU Financial Aid Application as well as the FAFSA before May 15, 2012.

  • The CWRU Financial Aid Application may be accessed at In the top menu, click on "My Financial Aid." You will then click on "Login to My Financial Aid" at the bottom of the page and will be taken to the new financial aid student portal. You will need your CWRU Network ID and password to login to this site. Click on the "Apply Online" tab in the top menu to complete and submit the form.
  • The 2012-13 FAFSA is available at CWRU's school code is 003137. We highly recommend that you (and your parents, if dependent) file the 2011 Federal Income Tax Return before submitting the 2012-13 FAFSA. This will permit you (and your parents) to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool that is part of FAFSA on the Web which allows you (and your parents) to retrieve and transfer 2011 IRS Income information onto the FAFSA. This process eliminates the need to submit an IRS Tax Return Tran-script if selected for verification of the FAFSA information.

If we may be of any assistance to you in completing your application for aid, please contact us or 216/368-4530.

Important Upcoming Dates

Deadline to complete Incomplete from Fall semester March 30
Deadline for Class Withdrawal (non-first year students) March 30 at 5pm
Deadline to Submit P/NP ballot (non first year students) March 30 at 5pm
Open Registration for Summer Classes Begins April 2
Registration Begins for the Fall April 9
Last Day of Class April 30
Reading Days May 1, 2
Final Exams Begin May 3
Final Exams End May 10
Final Grades Due by 11:00am May12
University Commencement May 20

Click here fore a complete 5 year academic calendar.


Second Year Celebration

Every spring, the Second Year Celebration recognizes second-year undergraduate students and their "halfway point" at Case. The event pays tribute to student accomplishments and allows students the opportunity to reflect halfway through their journey. Students celebrate who they are and develop a unique vision for their lives.

It will be held on Monday, April 30 from 5:30-7:30pm at Carlton Commons. Come and have some great food and fun, win some prizes and celebrate the end of your second year at Case!

Relay For Life

Mark your calendars for Relay for Life 2012!. Relay for Life is an overnight event that brings the CWRU community together to raise money for the fight against cancer. This year's event is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 21 on the Coach Bill Sudeck Track in the North Residential Village Stadium and will conclude at 7 a.m. on Sunday, April 22. In addition to raising $75,000 for the American Cancer Society, this year's Relay will also feature various entertainment options such as carnival games, student group performances, eating contests, dance lessons, a Miss Relay pageant and more! For more information, visit the Relay For Life Website.

Community Hour Programming

Every Friday, 12:30pm - 2pm 

Various Events and Locations!

The University Community Hour facilitates student and faculty attendance at campus-wide gatherings and special events, especially those that foster community building at Case Western Reserve University.  For more information, visit the Community Hour homepage.

Support your fellow student athletes

From basketball to swimming to baseball, many of your friends are competing on varsity athletic teams. Show your Spartan spirit and come out and cheer for them! Check out the Athletics web site for a complete listing of schedules. 

Requesting Class Exceptions

Use a Special Request (Petition) form for special exception to a regulation or curriculum requirement.