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Janurary 2013


Academic Related News

Add/Drop Deadline

Friday, January 25 at 5pm is the last day to add/drop a course. Please make sure to verify that your schedule is correct.

Things to look at:

  1. Verify you are in all the classes you think you are in. Make any add/drop changes.
  2. Make sure you are registered for the right section number when there are multiple sections.
  3. If you are on a wait list for a class or waiting for a permission for a class, all changes must be completed by 5pm on January 25. Remember once you receive permission for a class, you must still register. Obtaining permission does not automatically enroll you in the class!
  4. Make sure to register for PHED (including varsity sports) and music ensemble classes.
  5. Verify the number of credit hours you are in for courses that have variable hours (including independent study and music ensembles)


Remember students can take up to 19 hours without needing an overload. While the normal course load for students is still 14-18 hours, you are able to enroll in up to 19 hours. However, before you start enrolling in more than 19 hours, we would urge you to ask yourself do I really need that extra course? Could I be spending time doing community service, volunteer work, research, etc., that I will not have time to do if I am taking more than 19 hours.

Continuing students may carry 20-21 hours, if they have a cumulative gpa of 3.20 or better. To register for 22 or 23 hours, a minimum of average of 3.50 is required. Any schedule of more than 19 hours require's dean's approval.

If you meet the requirements to overload and you want to add a class now, you can email Dean DiIulio (Students A-G), Dean Hamel (Students H-O) or Dean Butler (Students P-Z) your request. Please include how many hours you are requesting, the class that you want to add and why. We may be able to approve your request online. Once approved, you still must go into SIS and register for that class.

Graduating in May 2013? Have you completed Your Grad App?

If you are planning on graduating in May, 2013, there are two things you must look at and complete. (1) the application for graduation and (2) verifying your AA report is showing up as "all satisfied".

  1. Applying for Graduation should take no more than five minutes, however, it is an important process as it allows you to state how you want your name to appear on your diploma and to confirm the degree(s) you will be earning. You will see the Apply for Graduation" option in the academic drop down box in SIS.

    Please note that even if your AA report is not "all satisfied" you still can and should apply for graduation. Once your application is in, we can still work on making sure all requirements are met!

    Deadline for applying for graduation is February 1.

  2. Verifying your AA report is an important step. After you register for your spring classes, please double check your AA report to make sure that everything says "all satisfied". Reasons your AR report may not indicate everything is all satisfied include:

    • Missing writing portfolio- If you have not yet started this process, information on what you need to do to hand in your portfolio can be found here.
    • You have a class exception and you are currently in that class. The exception will not appear is SIS until you have a final grade in the class.
    • You need to submit an AR correction form.
    • You must drop a major or minor
    • There is AP, proficiency or transfer credit that is not posted
    • If you are repeating a course in your final semester, please make sure you have enough hours to graduate. Until the final grade is posted in the repeated class, credit hours from both class attempts are calculated into your overall hours. It is not until you have a final grade in the second class will the credits from the first attempt will be removed. Make sure you will have enough hours once those repeated hours are removed! If you have any questions, please see someone in the UGS Office before the end of the add/drop period.

If your plans have changed and you are no longer planning on graduating in May, please contact the UGS office so your SIS record can be updated to ensure that you can register for the summer and/or fall semester.

Changing An Incomplete Grade

If you received grades of I (incomplete) for any courses from the fall semester, you are expected to make the work up as quickly as possible. The amount of time allowed by a professor for making up an incomplete should be consistent with the length of the your absence(s) in the fall semester. The latest deadline by which work must be completed and grades reported is Friday, March 29.  may be considered by the Deans Committee in the Office of Undergraduate Studies only in cases where there are valid extenuating circumstances and a petition with appropriate supporting documentation (including a letter from the professor) has been submitted prior to March 30. Incompletes not completed by the deadline and for which no extension has been approved, will be converted to F grades.

Completing your SAGES writing portfolio

If you have completed your first seminar and both of your university seminars, you should submit your writing portfolio by the end of January. Visit the SAGES portfolio web site for details on how and when you must submit your portfolio.


SOURCE Information Sessions

How to Find Undergraduate Research Opportunities for the Semester and Summer: Thursday, January 24, 8:30am - Toepfer Room in Adlebert Hall 2nd Floor

Q & A about Summer Research Program Applications Please come with your questions about any of our campus summer programs or other summer research programs! Monday, January 28, 3pm - Toepfer Room, Adlebert Hall 2nd Floor

Looking For Funding for the Summer?!?

Check out the SOURCE website for the deadlines for funding opportunities for on-campus and Cleveland positions.

FUN Summer Jobs on Campus!

First Year Experience and Family Programs is always on the lookout for energetic, enthusiastic students who want to share the CWRU experience with new students and parents. Below is a list of available staff positions. Applications are now available for all positions!

  • International Student Ambassadors

    International student ambassadors are asked to serve as representatives of the Case Western Reserve University Orientation program. Ambassadors work with international students in small groups and guide them through their transition at CWRU.

  • Orientation Leaders

    Orientation leaders serve as representatives of the Case Western Reserve University Orientation program. Leaders work with new students in small groups and guide them through their transition at Case. They work in teams to assist with the facilitation of all Summer Orientation and Welcome Days activities.

  • Adventure and Parent Leaders

    Students who have served as an orientation leader may apply to become a Case Venture leader. Leaders are responsible for guiding a group of students on one of the ventures that happen each summer.

Important Upcoming Dates

Add/Drop Deadline January 25 5pm
Mid Term Grades Due March 11
Spring Break March 11-15
Deadline to complete Incomplete from Fall semester March 29
Deadline for Class Withdrawal (non-first year students) March 29 at 5pm
Deadline to Submit P/NP ballot (non first year students) March 29 at 5pm
Last Day of Class April 29
Reading Days April 30, May 1
Final Exams Begin May 2
Final Exams End May 9
Final Grades Due by 11:00am May 11
University Commencement May 19

Click here fore a complete 5 year academic calendar.



Jackson Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Mentoring

The Jackson Award celebrates those who have guided a student in their academic and career paths; fostered the student's long-term personal development; challenged the student to reflect, explore and grow as an individual; and supported and/or facilitated the student's goals and life choices.

The winners of the 2012 J. Bruce Jackson Award were Matt Englander from Physical Education and Athletics from Facilities Services, Gene Matthews

Nominate a a faculty or staff member who has really made an made an impact on you or helped your achieve you academic goals.

Wittke Award for Excellence In Undergraduate Teaching

The Wittke Award is presented each year to two Case Western Reserve University faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in undergraduate teaching. To nominate your favorite professor, click here.

The Carl F. Wittke Award was established in 1971 in honor of Carl Wittke, a former faculty member, dean, and vice president of Western Reserve University. The Wittke Award is presented each year to two Case Western Reserve University faculty members who have demonstrated excellence in undergraduate teaching

The winners of the 2012 Carl F. Wittke Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching wereHeath Demaree from Psychology and Ramez Islambouli from Modern Languages and Literatures.

Nominate a a faculty member who has really made an made an impact on you or helped your achieve you academic goals. The deadline for nominations is Monday, March 11, 2013.

Community Hour Programming

Every Friday, 12:30pm - 2pm

Various Events and Locations!

The University Community Hour facilitates student and faculty attendance at campus-wide gatherings and special events, especially those that foster community building at Case Western Reserve University.  For more information, visit the Community Hour homepage.

Support your fellow student athletes

From basketball to swimming to baseball, many of your friends are competing on varsity athletic teams. Show your Spartan spirit and come out and cheer for them! Check out the Athletics web site for a complete listing of schedules.

Requesting Class Exceptions

Use a Special Request (Petition) form for special exception to a regulation or curriculum requirement.