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Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing General Education Requirements

Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing General Education Requirements

All undergraduates at Case Western Reserve must complete the SAGES Program and the physical education requirement, in addition to school-specific general education requirements based on the school of his or her major.

Course credit earned by Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, proficiency examinations, and transfer credit may be used to satisfy School of Nursing general education requirements.

NOTE: Any student who wishes to declare nursing and hasn’t already done so must do so by Aug. 1. 

General Education Requirements

(minimum of 10 three- or four-credit-hour courses, totaling at least 30 credit-hours)

Arts and Humanities (six to eight credit-hours)

Two three- or four-credit-hour courses selected from:

  • Akkadian (AKKD)
  • Arabic (ARAB)
  • Art History (ARTH)
  • Art Studio (ARTS)
  • Chinese (CHIN)
  • Classics (CLSC)
  • Dance (DANC)
  • English (ENGL)
  • French (FRCH)
  • German (GRMN)
  • Greek (GREK)
  • Hebrew (HBRW)
  • History (HSTY)
  • Italian (ITAL)
  • Japanese (JAPN)
  • Latin (LATN)
  • Linguistics (LING)
  • Music - General (MUGN)
  • Music - History (MUHI)
  • Music - Theory (MUTH)
  • Philosophy (PHIL)
  • Portuguese (PORT)
  • Religious Studies (RLGN)
  • Russian (RUSN)
  • Spanish (SPAN)
  • Theater (THTR)
  • World Literature (WLIT)

Natural and Mathematical Sciences (18 credit-hours)

1. Mathematical Reasoning and Analysis (three credit-hours)

  • ANTH 319, PSCL 282, or STAT 201/201R, with a grade of C or better1

2. Natural Sciences (15 credit-hours)

  • BIOL 114
  • BIOL 116
  • BIOL 117
  • CHEM 119
  • CHEM 121

Social Sciences (six credit-hours)

1. SOCI 203 or approved course in human growth and development, with a grade of C or better

2. Any additional three-credit-hour social sciences course selected from:

  • Anthropology (ANTH)
  • Cognitive Science (COGS)
  • Communication Sciences (COSI)
  • Economics (ECON)
  • Political Science (POSC)
  • Psychology (PSCL)
  • Sociology (SOCI) 

1A student who successfully completes one of these courses is not eligible to enroll in any of the other three.