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Congratulations on your acceptance to Case Western Reserve University!

The staff in the Office of Undergraduate Studies is delighted that you will be joining us. Our role is to support students in their academic pursuits and provide guidance to individual students and their advisors on matters that impact their academic experiences. Our staff includes deans and pre-professional advisors for health careers and law. We look forward to serving as a resource for you this summer and throughout the academic year.

In addition to helping you with registration for the fall, we’ll play a critical role in providing you with academic guidance and support throughout your time as an undergraduate at Case Western Reserve. Along with your advisors, faculty, and other professional staff, we’ll work with you to make the most of your academic experience. As outlined in our mission:

  • We collaborate with the schools, academic departments, faculty, and other administrative offices to develop programs and policies that support, inspire, and challenge students.
  • We guide and support undergraduate students as they navigate the University; discover, define, and realize their academic and career goals; acquire skills and experiences that foster meaningful lives of engagement in local, national, and international communities; and access advice and support services that will promote their success.

Using the Transfer and Dual Degree Registration Guide

This guide has been created to assist with developing a schedule and registering for your first semester classes at Case Western Reserve. You should review all the information in this guide prior to fall semester registration, which will begin July 24, 2017, and continue until classes begin Aug. 28, 2017. (Students admitted for spring 2018 may begin registering for spring semester Dec. 15, 2017.) In it you will find information about academic requirements, instructions for completing various registration-related tasks, academic advice, and supplemental information that will be useful to you throughout the summer and the fall semester. Make sure you allow yourself ample time to read through this guide. You are not expected to commit this information to memory, but you should become familiar with it and know to access it as needed. More details about all the items referenced in this introduction are contained throughout the guide. Be sure to review it thoroughly.

What to expect from the registration process this summer

Dean Claudia Anderson in the Office of Undergraduate Studies will be your primary resource for assistance with planning and registering for your fall semester courses. She will also be available to assist you with any questions you might have about this process or any other academic topics. To contact Dean Anderson, email her at or call our office at 216.368.2928.

As you work your way through the guide, questions will likely arise. Keep in mind that the staff in the Office of Undergraduate Studies is here to help. Should you need assistance or have inquiries related to degree requirements, scheduling, or any other academic topic, simply call our office.

We look forward to working with you this summer and throughout your time here at Case Western Reserve University. You will certainly be hearing more from us over the coming weeks and months, and we hope to hear from you as well.