We think beyond the typical website.

University Marketing and Communications uses interactive tools and develops new ones to help the university engage audiences in innovative ways. Our experience covers information architecture and content production, social media, creative design and pioneering programming. Client service is key. Usability, accessibility, search engine optimization and analytics of all kinds round out our expertise.

Interactive Inspiration


Our interactive toolkit features brand-compliant templates for all manner of online communications, including:

Templates were created with both novice and advanced developers in mind. While the clean, modern designs are ready to use, we encourage experienced developers to customize their templates in ways that make sense for their audiences. Please read the documentation before you get started.

Resources and education

Maximizing web presence is about more than paragraphs, pictures and pixels. It takes purposeful content creation, masterful marketing and targeted delivery. Too bad there's no plug-and-play when it comes to strategy. But there is education. Check out these lessons-to-learn and things to keep in mind:


Wondering something about the templates or techniques? Check out our FAQ section.

How can we help you?

Web Toolbox

Our web development toolkit has email, website and e-newsletter templates. Download it.


Have a question (or request) for the Web team? Submit it.


If you have a question, we probably already have your answer. Find it.

Tech support

If your needs are server-side, ITS provides a suite of automated tools to help maintainers set up and manage their sites.

Need technical help? Help Desk provides support for web-editing software (i.e., Dreamweaver, Contribute) and connecting to servers.

Visit help.case.edu or contact help@case.edu for more information.