Website Templates

The new redesign templates offers a new look that is professional, clean and user-friendly as well as a number of flexible options within the templates for maintainers who want ready-to-use. Check out the following template features for details on the new approach to Web presence.

University header

The new design uses a centrally maintained header, which features the university logo and access to key action items for your users. It improves navigation across the university web site and helps strengthen our brand. Think of it as an umbrella.


Each page's "title" area is more than just a name. It's a locating device. Once you establish your site's organization, you can use this section as a linked list for your site, section and page names to help your users know where they are and where they've been.


We have the basics covered: page widths, header specs, menu styles and the first five sections already styled and ready to build. The rest is up to you. The new design uses centrally maintained stylesheets for basic styles and provides a site-specific stylesheet that you use to design your Web site.


And on your left and top, you'll notice the Web site's main navigation area. Its simple layout provides two levels of navigation (drop-down menus reveal secondary levels) per page.

Flexible content areas

The university is a big place. Each college, school, department and group has its own tone, messages and audiences. So, between header and footer, university designers and maintainers have creative freedom to develop a Web site that speaks to their audiences.

Site searches

Sometimes it's just easier to search. Each page comes equipped with two search options: a university-wide Web site search in the header and a site-specific search in your footer.

Footer links

Your web site's footer is valuable real estate. Shouldn't it be used for more than your contact information and copyright? The new design provides two different types of footer designs, blue background and simple footer that can accommodate a number of content options, including top links, related Web sites and other valuable pages that you'd like on every page, but just doesn't belong in your top-level navigation.