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Kelvin + Eleanor Smith Foundation Ballroom

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Kelvin + Eleanor Smith Foundation Ballroom

The Kelvin + Eleanor Smith Foundation Ballroom is the centerpiece of the TVUC and the perfect place to host your conference, lecture, banquet, wedding, fundraiser or other special event. Situated on the second floor, Room 234 is approximately 7,600 square feet with floor-to-ceiling windows in Ballroom A and a great view of the sculpture garden just outside. The foyer (included with rental), has two outdoor patios and overlooks the Nord Family Greenway. Cleveland's picturesque skyline can be seen in the distance.

The room has two divider walls, capable of splitting the space into thirds. The space features state-of-the-art technology, with built-in projection screens and an amazing stereo sound system. Each bay of the ballroom has four wireless microphones. The divider walls are soundproof, so events in each space are not disturbed by one another. Its tables and comfortable chairs can be arranged in numerous configurations to fit your needs. A stage, lectern, laptop, and other equipment can also be added to the room for an additional fee.

Ballroom A

*A Note on Student Organizations:

Most Undergraduate and Graduate Student Organization room fees are covered by the Student President's Roundtable, the Allocations Committee, the Graduate Student Council and the Student Executive Council. To see a full list of student organizations that are covered by these fees, please click here. Student groups must be a registered student organization to qualify for student rates. Other fees, such as equipment or A/V, are the responsibility of the student group making the reservation.

While most event types are permitted, room fees are NOT covered for rehearsals unless it is a rehearsal for an event taking place in the ballroom.