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Information Technology Services Annual Report 2013

Explore the information below to learn more about the how the division allocated resources in fiscal year 2013 to initiatives that create new and improved technological connections in support of the university.

Financial Pie Chart

Financial Table


Academic and Research Services$4,452,692
Technology Enhanced Classrooms 540,716
Academic Technology and Blackboard Support 225,720
Faculty Support and Innovation 1,058,929
Video Collaboration Services 219,406
MediaVision Courseware 524,027
Audio-Visual Support 166,729
Video Production 532,796
Research Computing and Support 541,248
Research Analytics 206,304
Research and Development 436,817
Application and Decision Support Services$3,055,741
Student Services 857,737
Financial Services 631,708
Human Resources Services 663,016
Data Warehouse 153,934
Database Administration 584,046
Research and Development 165,300
Infrastructure Services$4,245,298
Network Infrastructure 720,205
Network Maintenance and Support 1,213,408
Server Acquisition, Maintenance and Support 1,164,781
Storage and Backup Solutions 466,779
Communications and Collaboration 191,841
Web Services and Portal 197,146
Internet Services and Support 30,045
Research and Development 261,092
Security Services$1,142,334
Identity Management 482,697
Disaster Recovery 165,725
Network Security 140,487
Information Security 291,635
Research and Development 61,790
Customer Services$3,600,369
Training 203,662
Digital Technology Services 526,720
Software Center 1,067,483
Service Desk 1,098,421
Desktop Support 316,434
Telephone Support 114,051
Communications 224,962
Research and Development 48,636
Administration and Program Coordination$2,779,127
Program Management 1,356,032
Office of Information Technology Services 1,126,830
Research and Development 296,265
Total Operating Expense$19,275,560
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