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Information Technology Services Annual Report 2013

In fiscal year 2013, customer satisfaction with regard to the support delivered by UTech increased, overall, as a result of the division’s attention to providing, improving and delivering services that further the university’s mission. Two faculty members joined the division as faculty support and academic technology leaders to push learning and teaching past their normal boundaries with modern technology and updated pedagogies. The existing wireless infrastructure underwent dramatic improvement with the addition of more than 300 wireless access points throughout academic buildings and residence halls.

UTech ensured its services reached customers by leveraging new monitoring tools and implementing an operations center that together alert the division to potential outages that can be addressed before they impact the Case Western Reserve community. Operational services were maintained 99.95 percent of the time, on average, and 80 percent of outages were detected and resolution started before a university community member could report the issue to the service desk. The division’s core critical services undergo constant monitoring and measurement in order to report the current status of technology services to the university community.

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