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Backup Services

Desktop and Laptop computers

UTech recommends the use of backup software to protect data on University-owned desktops and laptops. UTech does not provide a service suitable for protection of data on desktops or laptops. Options for data backup include using an external hard drive and backup tools provided with your operating system or purchasing an online solution, such as Carbonite, CrashPlan or Backblaze.


We have multiple backup systems available to protect data on University-owned servers. To request backup of a new server, receive help installing the backup software, receive help restoring data on a server that is already being backed up, or for additional information such as specific levels of service, please contact the University Helpdesk at 216-368-HELP (4357) and open a service request.


After calling the Helpdesk and opening a service request, a technician will contact you with information on which software to use.

Avamar - All Client OS's

Networker - Mac OS X

Networker - Windows (XP, 7, 2K, 2K3, 2K8) 32-bit

Networker - Windows (XP, 7, 2K, 2K3, 2K8) 64-bit

Networker - Solaris Intel 32-bit

Networker - Solaris Intel 64-bit

Networker - Solaris SPARC 64-bit

Networker - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 32-bit

Networker - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 64-bit

Installation Instructions

Please call 216-368-HELP or send an email to for the current installation information.