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Learn more about the move from Blackboard to Canvas!

‌Canvas has been chosen to replace Blackboard as the university's main Learning Management System. Beginning in Fall 2017, all courses must be taught using Canvas. Blackboard will remain available through June 2018 for archival purposes.
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About Blackboard

Blackboard Learn is the online Learning Management System utilized by faculty and students across the CWRU campus. Blackboard Learn integrates communication tools with a multitude of content delivery options. Blackboard Learn can be used to supplement classroom-based courses, supply the online component of hybrid courses, or deliver the content for distance education courses.
In addition to offering a place to upload course materials, Blackboard offers additional interactive and engaging features that add to the learning experience. Instructors and students can take advantage of the populated email lists to communicate with any or all members of a Blackboard Learn course site. They can also use the threaded discussion boards to hold rich, asynchronous conversations that can enhance students' engagement with course material. Blogs and wikis are available in every Blackboard Learn course site and can be used for ongoing writing assignments and student collaborative projects. 

Blackboard Learn also offers assessment options, such as tests, surveys, and assignments. Student submissions can be collected, annotated, and graded all from within Blackboard. The Grade Center provides a central location within each course site to store grades and provide feedback to students. Reports can be generated to track student engagement and participation within each course site and the Retention Center can help identify at-risk students. With assessment tools, interactive features, and the ability to make customizations, Blackboard Learn can help your teaching and learning.