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Google Drive is a cloud-based service that offers unlimited space for storing files. With Drive, you may access files from the nearest smartphone, tablet or web browser, and upload individual files as large as 5 terabytes in size. The unlimited storage space also applies to Gmail (Webmail), Google+ and Sites.

Learn more about the size and type of files that may by uploaded to Google Drive by visiting

At CWRU, Drive may be used to store Public and Internal Use Information. It may not be used to store Restricted Information. Review the Google Drive at CWRU Usage Policy for additional information.

To access Drive, navigate to or install the Drive app on your computer and mobile device.

Drive supports real-time file editing and collaboration through Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms. These Google Apps are built directly into Drive and allow you to edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations and surveys while online or while mobile. 

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You can also use the Drive app to store files on your Android or iOS device. (If you decide later to uninstall the app, your Drive files won’t be affected and can still be accessed from Drive on the web.)

  1. Depending on your device, choose one of these options:
  2. Find and install the Google Drive app.
  3. Open the app containing the file you want to upload, touch Share, and then touch Drive.

Before Drive, if you wanted to access files from different computers or devices, you typically had to make separate copies. Updating one copy meant you had to manually update all the other versions, too. Drive simplifies your work by automatically synchronizing the latest version of your file across the web and all your devices.