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Staff Exemption Timesheet

Staff Exemption Timesheet

Case Exception Timesheet (Salary)  

Exempt (salary) employees can follow these directions to create timesheet entries in the Human Capital Management (HCM) system.

1. From the HCM main menu, click the Self Service link.

2. Click the Time Reporting link.

3. Click the Case Exception Timesheet link

4. The Exception Time Entry page appears. By default, each row on the timesheet represents one work day and the type of hours worked for that eight hour period.

Time entry lines can be added or removed as needed to split daily hours into multiple categories, such as sick and vacation time, using the Add or Delete buttons.

5. You can enter a Date manually or use the calendar icon to select the date from the calendar pop-up menu.

6. You can select the desired Time Reporting Code (TRC) from the drop down list.

The following table includes a list of TRCs currently applicable to the HCM system.

Codes in bold are typically used for exempt and non-exempt staff.

AD2 Additional Payment Student
ADJ Adjustment
ADJSK Adjust Sick Hours Balance
ADJVC Adjust Vacation Hours Balance
ADL Additional Pay
ADR Additional Pay - Pension Elig
AWD Award
BRVMT Sick Leave for Bereavement
CO-OP Undergraduate CO-OP Program
EMERG Emergency Closing
EMGWK Emergency Closing - Worked
FHL Floating Holiday
GR1 Grad Asst Sumr - Post Doc
GR2 Graduate Assistant
GR3 Graduate Fellow Tuition
GR4 Graduate 14 Percent 
HOL  Holiday
HON Honorarium 
HTK  Compensatory Holiday 
HWK  Work on Holiday 
INT  Student Intern Program 
JURY  Jury Duty 
MIL  Military Leave 
MNT  Moving Expenses Non-Taxable 
MOV  Moving Expense Reimbursement 
MRT  Lump Sum Merit 
NWS  Student Non-work-Study 
OPT  Overtime Premium 
OT2  Overtime at 2.5 
OTS  Overtime - Straight Rate 
PPL  Paid Parental Leave 
REG  Regular Hours 
RGAMT  Regular Amount 
SUP  Supplemental Pay 
SWS  Summer Work Study (not regist) 
SCKFM  Sick Leave - Family Member 
SEV  Severance Pay 
SICK  Sick Leave 
SNW  Summer - Non Work-Study 
STUDY  Payment for Study Participant 
STX  Non Work Study Addl Payment 
SUM  Summer Pay 
SUP  Supplemental Pay 
SWS  Summer Work Study (not regist) 
UNPDL  Unpaid Leave Time 
UPE  Unpaid Leave Exempt 
VAC  Vacation 
VACPY  Vacation Pay Out 
WFO  Workforce Option Time 
WSR  Work Study 
 ‌Note: The type of TRC available in the drop down list depends on the employment classification of the employee.

7. Enter the number of hours to report under the selected TRC. To create an additional time entry line, use the Add button.

In the above example, we split the hours for Tuesday into four hours of regular time under the TRC REG and four hours of vacation time under the TRC VAC.

8. You can use the Comments field to enter a description of your time entry that may be relevant to your supervisor or time approver.

9. When you are finished editing time entries, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button or your updates will not be recorded.

10. You can use the links at the top of the Exception Time Entry page to navigate to the Employee Time Entry History page.

11. From the Employee Time History Review page, you can view your previously recorded and approved time entries.

Employees can use the Search Options to determine how much time they have reported to individual TRCs.

12. For example, to determine how much Holiday time you have reported for a specific time period, select the Holiday TRC from the drop down list.

13. Enter the From and To dates manually or use the calendar icons to select the dates from the calendar pop-up menu.

14. Click the Search button.

15. The Status column shows the time entry approval status.

16. The Approver column shows the name of the Supervisor that approved the time entry.

17. Please remember to use the Sign Out link at the top, right corner of the screen to end your session.

18. End of Procedure.