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Equifax Data Breach

September 12, 2017

‌As there continues to be risks in the digital economy, proactively monitoring and responding to known security breaches is a recommendation for the entire CWRU user community.

UPDATE: Global Ransomware Alert

May 21, 2017

‌As you know, the ransomware WannaCry situation has affected companies and organizations on a global scale. UTech continues to monitor the Windows Ransomware situation, it is important that the entire campus community is diligent about taking the needed steps outlined in the communication below to ensure the security of their computing resources. In addition, there has been a update from Microsoft that includes patches for obsolete operating systems (XP, 8,Server 2003). Please install the patches immediately—the link is below.

MacOS Malware Update

April 11, 2017

‌This is information for all Mac OS users related to the current Malware situation. If you are a MAC user, please take note of the following steps and information to ensure the integrity of your device:

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