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telephones videoconferencing

telephones videoconferencing

telephones + videoconferencing

office phones

Faculty & Staff Only

In coordination with their department, staff and faculty members may obtain a phone and phone number. Once a phone number is obtained, be sure to visit HCM to add it to the university directory. See the online directory for the office location, phone number and email address of any university employee.


Faculty & Staff Only

The Unified Messaging voicemail system merges your voice messages with your email messages so that they are stored in one place. You will be able to listen to your voicemail messages either on your telephone or on your computer.


Use videoconferencing to hold face-to-face meetings without participants needing to be in the same room. Videoconference suites and mobile units are available campus-wide. Additionally, ITS supports four desktop and Web-based videoconferencing applications, including Adobe Connect and Google+ Hangouts.

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