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KBA 23433 Macintosh VPN

KBA 23433 Macintosh VPN

About VPN at CWRU

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) software is used to remotely connect to the campus network, and yet appear to on-line resources as though you are directly connected. This software also helps secure your computer on the network so that traffic to and from your computer is encrypted.

The provider for VPN software at CWRU is Cisco AnyConnect. It is available at

Install the Cisco AnyConnect Client on a Mac

  1. Download Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client installation file from the Software Center.
  2. Launch the installation program if it does not begin automatically.
  3. Click or tap the Connect button to begin.
  4. Click or tap the Continue button to display the Software License Agreement.
  5. Review the Software License Agreement and click or tap.
  6. Click or tap Agree to continue or Disagree to cancel installation.
  7. UNCHECK the Web Security, Diagnostics and Reporting Tool and Posture options. NOTE: These options are not supported on the CWRU network.
  8. Click or tap the Continue button.
  9. Click or tap the Install button. Do not change the default Install Location.
  10. Enter computer administrator name and password into Name and Password fields.
  11. Click or tap OK.
  12. Click or tap the Close button after the confirmation screen appears.

Configure the VPN connection and Connect

  1. Click or tap the Spotlight icon.
  2. Enter vpn into the Spotlight field.
  3. Click or tap Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client.
  4. Enter in connect to field.
  5. Click or tap the Select button.
  6. Enter CWRU Network ID and password when prompted.
  7. Click or tap the Connect button.
  8. Click or tap the Accept button to agree to the Case Acceptable Use Policy.
  9. The connection will minimize to the menu bar.

Disconnecting and reconnecting

  1. Right click the AnyConnect icon to and lock the icon to the Dock.
  2. The disconnect feature is available from the menu bar or application.
  3. Click or tap the AnyConnect icon in the Dock to open the application.
  4. Select from the dropdown box, and click or tap Connect to reestablish VPN connection.