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Box Available Starting Wednesday, August 17

University Technology, [U]Tech, is proud to announce that, as of Wednesday, August 17, Box will be available to all Case Western Reserve University's faculty, staff and students. Box is a service that enables you to store, edit and share files securely. Box has many benefits, including free unlimited storage, and it is the only approved platform for storing restricted data in the cloud at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU). Please consider Box as a potential replacement to current methods of file management and storage.

Box training can be self-administered. By visiting, you will have access to detailed, online resources, information about different file management and storage options and comprehensive videos.

For more information or questions, please contact the [U]Tech Service Desk at or call 216-368-HELP.

Please Note: If you are a current Box user, the information below will be helpful to you moving forward with the service.

Folder Structure

You will need to move material located within previously provisioned "personal" and "restricted" folders and subfolders by Friday, September 2. After this date, these folders will be deleted.

  • If you are moving data that is not restricted, simply create a new folder and move it.
  • If you are moving data that is restricted, move it to the restricted folder(s) created by UTech. Reminder: Only technicians at the [U]Tech Service Desk can create new, restricted folders.
  • The name for your personal folder is "your network ID" and the name for your restricted folder is "restricted - your network ID".

Global Settings

You will notice the following changes in the way Box behaves:

  • When you share a link, the recipient will be allowed to download.
  • When an email notification is sent, it will display file and collaborator information.
  • When there is new login activity with your account, you will receive an email notification.

Department Administrators

If you were previously able to provide users with Box accounts, you will no longer have the ability to do so. Box will be centrally administered.

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