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Cyber Security Awareness Month - Duo Security Two-Factor Authentication

Passwords are a part of everyone's daily digital lives, and as such they are sometimes taken for granted-- until forgotten, lost, stolen or otherwise compromised. It can be daunting to think that a simple password is the lock to the vault containing your most sensitive information.

Strengthening Your Sign-ons - STAT!
The university's Information Security Office (ISO) evaluates and recommends improved authentication techniques and technologies.

CWRU account holders have been using Duo Security as a second layer of protection ("two-factor authentication") to VPN. Now it will be available to protect the HCM and FIN applications through the Single Sign-On process. CWRU users of HCM and FIN can opt in to use Duo Security starting on Monday, November 6.

Two Steps for Enhanced Protection - Code Blue!
Two-factor authentication offers an additional security measure to verify your identity in addition to your log-in and password. Duo Security provides a unique code generated by the Duo Mobile app on your smart phone as the "second factor".

Other methods include phone call via landline phone, or a hardware token provided by CWRU. You'll need to enroll any device you plan to use; multiple devices are permitted.

It's All Online - Right Now!
It takes only a small amount of set-up and a few seconds at each log-in to keep your account access secured. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) encourages the use of Duo Security by the CWRU community.

For more about the role of Duo Security at CWRU and how to use it, visit the ISO site for:

  • An overview
  • Device enrollment
  • Training videos
  • Lost phone directions

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