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Google updates Drive, Calendar with time-saving features

Chrome now supports desktop notifications for Drive

If you use Google Chrome, you may have noticed a new option to receive desktop notifications from Google Drive when collaborators share files or request access. The new option appears as a dialog box when you log in to Drive ( You can control the setting on a per device basis, meaning you can receive alerts only on devices you use for Case Western Reserve University business.

Select sub-folders to sync with updated Google Drive desktop app

Do you use the Google Drive desktop app to sync folders with your PC or Mac? Now, you can go one step further and choose which sub-folders to sync as well. To select which sub-folders should sync, open the Drive desktop app and go to Preferences > Sync Options > Only these folders... There you will be presented with the option to selectively sync sub-folders.

In addition, managing the storage that Drive consumes on your computer is easier. The Drive desktop app will now show the size of the synced subfolders and remaining storage on your hard drive. If there isn't enough space, Google Drive will automatically show you the selective syncing option from the start.

To download the Drive desktop app, visit To access your Drive files from the web, visit from any device.

Set Goals using Google Calendar

Sometimes it's hard to fit goals into busy schedules but Google Calendar's newest feature tries to make it easier. Now in Android and iPhone, the new "Goals" feature will help you find time for personal activities and with increased use, the feature will get better at finding the appropriate time for the activities, helping you achieve your goals.

Simply set a goal by answering a few questions such as frequency and the best time. Then, Google Calendar will analyze the your schedule and pencil in a time for the goal. Calendar will automatically reschedule the goal if the you schedule something that's in direct conflict with your goal. You can also defer the goal and Calendar will reschedule the goal for later.

Over time and use, Calendar will find better times for the goals through learning of your habits. To download the Google Calendar app, visit the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

For assistance with Google Apps at Case Western Reserve University, visit or contact the UTech Service Desk at 216.368.HELP (4357) or

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