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University Technology News From September

Good News from UTech - September 2016

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is moving into our backyard on October 11, 2016 with the opening of a large data center in the Columbus area. Case Western Reserve University is featured in AWS's press release on this news including a quote from Sue Workman, VP IT/CIO:

"Working with AWS, University Technology, at Case Western Reserve University, has begun to re-think and re-design its legacy and enterprise systems, delivering administrative, teaching, learning and research support and further enabling faculty and student success, and enabling greater ROI on technology costs. The agility and flexibility provided by the AWS Cloud gives our students the ability to set up technology systems quickly and with more understanding, allows our researchers to easily set up and tear down experiments, and promises improvements in the effectiveness with which we manage our enterprise systems," said Sue B. Workman, VP University Technology/CIO. "We are excited about the new AWS Region in Ohio because CWRU can now more easily conduct medical research with partners that will only allow us access to critical health data when stored within the state. The commitment AWS is making to Ohio demonstrates its confidence that Ohio is a driver for innovation and technology advancement."


  • UTech's Chief Security Officer Tom Siu will be a panelist during a Cybersecurity event and First Energy Stadium in October that will focus on growing cybersecurity needs in the ever-changing IT landscape.
  • VP/CIO Sue Workman is a contributor to CTN CIO Talk Network's blog and her latest submission, The Power of We, went live on 9/28/16. The CIO Talk Network is streaming media providing thought-provoking talks, inside and discussions leadership, innovation and management by global IT leaders. Sue is enjoying the opportunity to share her thoughts and vision with Global business IT Leaders thought this blog.
  • Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO), Michael Kubit was one of the presenters to the NYSCIO conference on the topic "The New, New Leadership Challenge." Mike's presentation with Michael Cato from Vassar addressed today's rapid pace of technological change coupled with the disruptive changes facing higher education, requiring a new type of IT organization, and with it, new approaches to leadership. The session explored the skills and competencies required to lead in this new reality as well as strategies required to create and maintain high performing organizations.

Since our aim is to keep all students, faculty, and staff productive, we really appreciate hearing success stories from across campus.

  • Mark Griswold, Professor of Radiology, Director, MRI Research and Director of CWRU's new Interactive Commons, Case Western Reserve University, reports a good run recently at the Interactive Commons, and told us, "not a day goes by where I'm not thankful for all that UTech has done for us... from advice to capital, you have always been there for us. Thanks again for everything you do! Can't wait to see where this all ends up!" We couldn't be more pleased with this amazing new resource on campus and have been happy to host a number of campus visitors from other organizations who are trying to learn what we are up to and how we did it!
  • Helen Day, Executive Assistant to the Deputy Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, expressed her appreciation to Dawn Olsen and UTech's Executive Support Team for their efforts in supporting a significant campus event: "I wanted to thank you for all your work to ensure the Hartwell Convocation ran smoothly. You put my mind at ease and your assistance was invaluable! Everyone was pleased."
  • Peter McCall JD, PhD, applauded a successful interaction with UTech staff. The Professor of Geological Sciences and Director of the Environmental Studies Program thanked the team he worked with for advocacy on his behalf. He said, "I think you guys went way out of your way to address a minor problem of a single user, and my already high opinion of your customer support has elevated. I'll pass this story on to others on campus. (As an aside, let me take this opportunity to relate that I even bothered contacting you at all because I have had very good experiences with the ITS help desk. They have always been, well, helpful."
  • Congratulations to UTech's own Theresa Grigger and the Staff Advisory Council (SAC) for their efforts that resulted in a record-setting school supply drive benefiting students at three Cleveland schools. Over the years, Theresa has been very active with other SAC initiatives including the basket raffles and bake sales.
  • Ben Schechter, Assistant Professor, Department of Comprehensive Care in the School of Dental Medicine said he was very happy with service he received related to HIPPA help desk and making sure it is prepared to field HIPPA-related questions. The Teaching & Learning Team including Katie Skapin and Sue Shick have been providing training in Blackboard and drafted a script for Schechter's review to get uploaded to the desk. His expedient service can also be credited to Jen Snyder and Jon Landers for routing his inquiry optimally.
  • Marilyn Mobley, PhD, Vice President for Inclusion, Diversity & Equal Opportunity and Professor of English sent a note of thanks for the new UTech cell phone cardholder. "I truly appreciate Sue, Ron Ryan, and all the UTech team does for all of us."
  • Treasurer Robert Clarke Brown sent a note to let us know how helpful UTech's Jay Kennedy was to him tin setting up a new computer. "As a Mac person in a pretty much all-PC environment, I always ask IT for a little help in getting a new machine configured. Jay came over the same day I requested the help - for a job that, for reasons too complicated to get into (and which I probably can't explain correctly anyway!), consumed pretty much his entire day. I'm not sure how he manages to juggle his assignments so adroitly, but he did manage to attend to other jobs while he was here, all the while keeping my set-up project going. He succeeded in completing my job the same day he started it, for which I am most grateful!"

The Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure team held a successful fall High Performance Computing (HPC) "boot camp" on Tuesday September 13, run this year by Emily Dragowsky, Hadrian Djohari, and Sanjaya Gajurel. This great service to the research community had 64 registrants, including grad students, postdocs, and research staff who are new to CWRU or new to HPC, with at least three faculty members among them.

The National Science Foundation extended funding and awarded $201,624 to Case Western Reserve University for additional support of the project under the direction of Roger A. Bielefeld, Sue B. Workman, is entitled: "CC*DNI Engineer: Cyberinfrastructure Engineer."

Dan Matthews, Manager of Network Security reports some of the changes tested and deployed for Case Wireless this summer. Most of the improvements revolve around enabling some highly technical settings.

  • Enabled "Band Select" to steer wireless devices to the 5GHz band if they are capable (and away from the less optimal 2.4GHz band)
  • Enabled improved roaming capacity to keep devices on Case Wireless once they connect. 
  • Enabled "Application Visibility and Control" and "Local Client Profiling" as part of Cisco best practice audit. 
  • Enabled Cisco CleanAir on the 5GHz band to detect and report sources of interference. 
  • Software updates as recommended by Cisco from version to 
  • Enabled 40MHz channel bandwidth in the 5GHz band. Some Locations like the Interactive Commons have 80MHz channel bands. 
  • Deployed a new Case Wireless authentication system based on Cisco's Identity Services Engine that has been tested, but is not yet in production (targeted at Fall or Winter break). 
  • Completed Adelbert and CASC over the summer.

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