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For ten years, the university technology directional focus and priorities have been guided by a succession of multi-year strategic plans. Since the creation of the last strategic plan in 2007, much has changed.


New university directions and strategies have been established. Technology innovations have made information more available, technology more mobile and solutions more accessible. Research creates increasing amounts of data that must be captured, transported, analyzed, and preserved. Learning technologies are enabling and expanding proven pedagogical methods in both the face-to-face, hybrid and completely online courses. On-line learning platforms are increasingly important to preserve the competitiveness of some academic programs and open new student markets for others. Resource scarcity and increased emphasis on assessment and outcome are driving the need for data to inform decision-making, improve services and evaluate student success. Finally, technology is integral to delivering services efficiently and supporting students and faculty as they teach, learn and work on-line and around the world.

This strategic plan establishes our technology direction for the next three years from 2012 to 2015. It is built around five core themes which represent areas in which we expect to make technology investments that respond to and catalyze broader changes and innovations. These themes are accompanied by a description of their relevance to the future of the university, a set of three-year objectives and a list of recommended initiatives.

The five themes within the IT plan support the goals and priorities of the university plan: Forward Thinking. Theme I will enhance research and discovery and spur new research collaborations by delivering computing services that enable data-driven research which is well integrated, pre-positioned and scalable on-demand. Theme II will support the development of outstanding students by enabling faculty and students to adopt innovative learning technologies in face-to-face, hybrid and on-line courses. Theme III will enhance the international character of the university, make the campus more vibrant and better engage leading University Circle institutions by harnessing technology to deliver university content and expertise to

the local and global communities while providing all students and alumni access to the richness of the Case Western Reserve domain wherever they live or work. Theme IV stands on its own and is also an integral enabler of the other themes. The realization of theme IV will improve internal customer satisfaction with administrative services, support operational best practices and enhance university resources by improving the quality and efficiency of technology services. Finally, theme V focuses on the technology, culture and organizational capacity required to support transparency and deliver systems for monitoring outcomes.