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Daniel Tisch (Archive)

Daniel Tisch (Archive)

Focus on Faculty: Daniel Tisch

Daniel TischDaniel Tisch, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Associate Professor
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
School of Medicine
Professor Daniel Tisch works with the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the Case School of Medicine. His teaching strategy connects his students with content experts from around the world – through visits, the web, and teleconference. This allows students to use real, contemporary health data, exposing them to international health concerns.

Though the process can be difficult and unpredictable for some students, the quality of the training is unparalleled. Professor Tisch’s courses receive consistent excellent reviews from both the department and his students. Many students later inform him that his courses were truly transformative, essential to building both their careers and their understanding of epidemiology.

An outstanding example of Tisch’s comprehensive teaching strategy was the development of an advanced, trans-institutional, real-time data course, focused on the annual Dengue endemic in Brazil. CWRU students and researchers were connected to the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil, the CDC Dengue Branch in Puerto Rico, and health departments in Florida. Students participated in joint courses, global health experiences, and IRB-approved research.

These external funding mechanisms allowed for the creation of non-traditional training opportunities, such as mentored epidemiological field experiences in the US, Puerto Rico, and Brazil. Professor Tisch’s work in developing these training opportunities and their supporting grants ensures that CWRU will continue to be an internationally recognized, leading institution of global health. His continued successes help advance our university’s strategic plans on global health and internationalization, and enhance the learning and professional abilities of our students.

In May, 2014, Tisch presented “The Benefit of Active Learning Classrooms to Public Health Education” at the Ohio Public Health Combined Conference in Columbus, OH. His presentation highlighted the importance of space, technology and training to the accomplishments of his teaching.

He continues his own education in the area of pedagogy, and is a strong advocate for the Active Learning Fellows.