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Forward Thinking

The Campaign for Case Western Reserve University

Frank N. Linsalata, Chair, Forward Thinking: The Campaign for Case Western Reserve University

To the Members of Our Campaign Committee:

I want to thank all of the members of the university's campaign executive committee for joining us Friday to discuss the status of the campaign to date. I consider it a privilege to work with such a remarkable and dedicated collection of volunteers, and an honor to be able to express gratitude directly to you in public settings like our Board of Trustee meeting.

I hope you found the information shared as inspiring as I did, and that you also appreciated the opportunity to hear from some of our students regarding the impact of scholarship support on their lives.

For those unable to join us for the meeting and dinner presentations, I wanted to offer a few highlights to convey some of the flavor of the conversation. For example, as of January 2014, we have raised:

  • $143.6 million in student support,
  • 50+ professorships to support faculty, and
  • $161.4 million for capital projects.

All told, our supporters have committed $952.3 toward our campaign.

As exciting as the aggregate totals are, the stories behind them often are even more moving. One of the young women we heard from at dinner is the first in her family to attend college. She is a biology major who provides extra teaching assistance to students in introductory chemistry courses, volunteers at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, and hopes to become a pediatrician. Without our financial assistance, she would have had to attend community college in her rural hometown.

Similarly, we had the opportunity this week to hear about a commitment from one of our graduates and emeriti trustees that is part of the foundation of an undergraduate data science program the university hopes to launch this fall. Bob Herbold, the chief operating officer of Microsoft during its period of greatest growth, has committed $2.6 million to endow the Robert J. Herbold Professor of Informatics and Analytics at the Case School of Engineering. You can learn more about this pledge and program in The Daily.

When we titled our annual spring event "Momentum" four years ago, we were referencing an aspiration. With results like these, you have turned a grand hope into a compelling reality. While you will receive formal invitations to this year's Momentum soon, I want to make sure you save the date now: It's April 9, and based on what I am hearing already, it is going to be a can't-miss gathering.

Again, please know how deeply we appreciate your involvement and support. You make a difference for our students, faculty and campus every single day.

Frank N. Linsalata
Chair, Forward Thinking: The Campaign for Case Western Reserve University