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Giving to Case Western Reserve University matters. It motivates our students, inspires our faculty and heartens the entire community. The following expressions of gratitude from students are only a sampling of the appreciation across campus for the tremendous educational opportunities donors provide through their generosity.

Student appreciation...

"I would like to express my thanks for your generous scholarship. It has enabled and empowered me to have a much more valuable education than I would have otherwise had. As I apply for graduate school and plan for my career, I am confident that my education at Case Western Reserve will lead me to success wherever I look for it."

—Fourth-year student, biomedical engineering

"My family recently went through an extremely difficult year financially, and with this scholarship a burden has been lifted. I know the money that I have been given is being put toward the best education. The education, the environment of this campus and the friends that I have made are far better than I could have ever dreamed of getting out of a college experience."

—Third-year student, chemistry

"My scholarship came to the rescue just when I needed it the most, putting my mind at ease so that I could focus on my studies and fulfill my dream of becoming a pediatric nurse because I love children so much. I truly appreciate your generosity. I will be doing my best to return the favor in kind by supporting future BSN students at Case Western Reserve after I establish myself as professional nurse."

—Fourth-year student, nursing

"Thinking back through the school year I am almost brought to tears. A year and a half ago I would not have thought that any of this could be possible. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the tremendous opportunities—both in my education and extracurricular activities—that this scholarship has allowed me to take advantage of."

—Second-year student, systems biology

"I had a difficult time because last Christmas my father suffered a serious heart attack that forced him to have a six by-pass heart surgery. The surgery cost my family a tremendous amount to which I contributed all of my savings just to somehow help. When this school year came around I realized that I did not have enough money to pay the difference for my tuition since I contributed my savings to my father's bill. To earn money I considered cancelling my research so that I could work during the winter season. However, thanks to your generous help, I was able to reduce the amount that I had to pay, and I am now able to afford the difference."

—Fourth-year student, Japanese and pre-architecture

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