Charitable Gift Annuity

One of the oldest and most popular ways to benefit Case Western Reserve University has become even more appealing in today's economic circumstances.

Charitable gift annuities help you supplement your income, lower your taxes and benefit the university—all at the same time.

How it Works: You give the university cash or securities and sign a simple agreement with Case Western Reserve. In return, the university pays you—and your spouse, if applicable—an income for as long as you both live. The size of the payments depends on the amount you contribute and the ages of the beneficiaries. The older the beneficiaries, the higher the rate of return.

These rates are much higher than the returns currently provided by certificates of deposit, money market funds, treasury bills and bonds, or almost any other investment. They are fixed for life and are backed by the full financial resources of Case Western Reserve.

Unique Benefits

Gift annuities provide tax benefits that make them even more attractive. +Read more

To start a conversation about supplementing your income through a charitable gift annuity, please contact the Office of Planned Giving at 1-877-477-1143.

$25,000 One-Life Immediate Charitable Gift Annuity

income-tax deduction
60 $1,300 $5,783
65 $1,375 $7,333
70 $1,450 $9,264
75 $1,600 $10,819
80 $1,800 $12,381
85 $2,025 $14,118
Effective 7/1/10
Minimum contribution amount $5,000

$25,000 Two-Life Immediate Charitable Gift Annuity

income-tax deduction
60-60 $1,225 $3,248
65-65 $1,275 $4,860
70-70 $1,350 $6,521
75-75 $1,425 $8,617
80-80 $1,575 $10,281
85-85 $1,775 $11,963
Effective 7/1/10
Minimum contribution amount $5,000