Deferred-Payment Gift Annuity

Each year, many of Case Western Reserve University's alumni and friends choose to partner with the university to realize mutually beneficial philanthropic plans.

Deferred-payment gift annuities offer income payments that start at a future date for individuals looking to both round out their retirement planning and help the university fulfill its educational and research mission.

How it Works: Deferred-payment gift annuities are based on age and are created by a simple contract between you and the university. In return for a gift of money or property, the university promises to pay you a certain dollar amount or percentage of the gift. The longer you defer payment, the higher the payment will be.

Donors may name a single beneficiary or themselves and one other person to receive lifetime payments from the gift annuity. After providing payments to the donor or the designated beneficiaries for life, the balance of the annuity will be used for the charitable purpose designated by the donor.

Unique Benefits

In addition to providing a valuable income stream, deferred-payment gift annuities also offer the following benefits. +Read more

To start a conversation about supplementing your income through a deferred-payment gift annuity to Case Western Reserve University, please contact the Office of Planned Giving at 1-877-477-1143.

Deferred-Payment Gift Annuity Rates

age at purchase
age at payout
50 60 8%
55 60 6.4%
50 65 10.5%
55 65 8.4%
60 65 6.8%
50 70 13.8%
55 70 11.1%
60 70 8.9%
65 70 7.1%
Effective 7/1/10
Minimum contribution amount $5,000