Gift of Property

Gifts to Case Western Reserve University take many forms, and the university welcomes gifts of property other than cash and securities.

Sometimes these contributions directly relate to Case Western Reserve's educational mission. Other property gifts allow the university to sell the asset and convert it to cash.

How it Works: The university accepts a wide range of property gifts, including rare books and manuscripts; artwork; scientific instruments; computer software; patents; copyrights and other intellectual property; oil and gas interests; royalty interests; and commercial real estate.

Using an instrument of transfer that is appropriate for the property involved, you transfer the title to Case Western Reserve. The gift can be made with no restrictions or as a funding vehicle for a charitable gift annuity or other life income arrangement.

Please note that federal income tax rules require that most gifts of this sort be supported by an appraisal and certain kinds of property gifts are subject to special income tax rules, which should be discussed with your tax advisor. It is important to discuss any gift of property with Case Western Reserve development personnel prior to the time of transfer to ensure that the university can in fact make use of the property and that it does not inadvertently expose itself to any associated liabilities.

Unique Benefits

You can enjoy multiple benefits from a gift of property. +Read more

To start a conversation about lowering your taxes through a gift of real estate to Case Western Reserve, please contact the Office of Planned Giving at 1-877-477-1143.

Richard and Audrey Watts

Donor Spotlight

Richard Ward Watts, M.D. (MED '46) and his wife, Audrey, gave the Hakluyt Society Collection to the Kelvin Smith Library in 2008. He returned to campus as a guest speaker to share the significance of the book collection, which was valued at approximately $80,000 at the time of the gift. Read more donor stories