Make a World of Difference.

Ever felt that a problem was just too big to tackle or your gift was too small to make a difference? You really can make a difference. We can help.

CWRU for a World of Difference is a new socially minded initiative created to take on local and global issues that matter to you. Throughout the year, Case Western Reserve will show you how one of our programs is making a concrete positive impact on a cause and how your gift can directly and immediately impact this work.

You make a gift; the featured program helps make the world a better place. It's that simple.

We look forward to sharing our success stories with you. In the meantime, tell us what causes are important to you. Where do you want to make a difference? Email us at

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Our Featured Cause


What would you give for a glass of clean water?

Clean water impacts health, poverty and even gender issues. Case Western Reserve's Engineers Without Borders are making a difference at home and around the globe. Learn more.

Photo Gallery

  • Engineers on the Farm
  • Beyond Borders in Cruce De Blanco
  • Clean Water in Cameroon
  • Youth of Thailand
  • Teamwork in Cameroon
  • Construction Techniques