Education Specialist / Research Associate (Part - Time) - Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

Education Specialist / Research Associate (Part-Time) Position in the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University



The Education Specialist/ Research Associate (Part-Time) will be a doctorally-prepared registered nurse who has a background in coordinating the development and implementation of faculty development, staff development, preceptor development, and student modules, implementation kits, and CE applications.  Preferred experience in primary health care.  The Education Specialist will be responsible for the coordination of education modules for the project “Enhancing Nurse Roles in Community Health (ENRICH): Undergraduate and workforce training and education in primary care.” The Education Specialist will be responsible for all activities, outputs, and outcomes related to education coordination for faculty, RN staff, preceptors, and students. The research associate will work closely with the principal investigators under general supervision. This position will attend weekly meetings and participate in dissemination.  This is a part-time (24 hours per week) position.



  1. Plan and carry out education projects in accordance with the general structure of the program.
  2. Responsible for the development of 4 RN staff learning modules
  3. Responsible for the development of 4 faculty development modules
  4. Responsible for the development  of 2 student learning modules
  5. Responsible for the creation of a preceptor development kit
  6. Develop an Implementation kit (eg. how to integrate content into nursing curriculum and get nurses working to the top of their license)
  7. Evaluate and complete Continuing Education paperwork for learning modules
  8. Function as the expert in CE criteria for planning committees.
  9. Assess the professional practice gaps, create modules based on best available evidence, implement and evaluate the modules.
  10. Identify and resolve any conflicts of interest, and maintain content integrity.
  11. Create outcomes related to activities, and measure change in knowledge, skill, or practice.
  12. Use summative evaluation data to guide future activities



Perform other duties as assigned.



Department: Weekly contact with Project Director and faculty involved in study.

University: Nursing Students as well as occasional contact with other university faculty and clinical instructors.

External: VA administration, VA staff



Responsibility does not involves supervision. Does not include working with individuals under 18 years of age.



Education/Licensing: Doctoral degree.



  1. Strong communication and organizational skills.
  2. Must be able to communicate effectively in writing, for course and evaluation materials.
  3. Must be able to establish and maintain effective interpersonal relationships with research team members, faculty, and students, project site staff, and clinical staff.
  4. Problem solving (critical thinking) skills.
  5. Experience in working with students and adult learners in healthcare.
  6. Verbal and presentation skills.
  7. Proficiency with personal computer, including email and WWW programs; Windows-based office applications (Word, Excel, Access).



No hazards expected. Does not include working with individuals under 18 years of age.



Applicants should submit a curriculum vitae, a brief statement of research interests, and arrange for at least three letters of reference to