Manager, RNA Profiling Core (Research Associate)


Manager, RNA profiling Core. Coordinates day to day activities in RNA profiling Core.
Working with a high degree of independence and under general direction.  




1.       Perform and oversee NGS library preparations, including quality controls (~ 20% time).  

2.       Coordinate activities of core staff. (~ 5% time)

3.       Teach or instruct others in research techniques. (~ 5% time)

4.       Supervise research assistant(s) (core staff). (~5 % time)

5.       Coordinate Next Generation Sequencing with Genomics Core or commercial suppliers. (2% time) 

6.       Ensure function of the Core (coordinate inventory of supplies and chemicals, ensure compliance with laboratory safety standards, ensure function and maintenance of equipment). (~ 3% time)

7.       Perform bioinformatic analysis for advanced transcriptomic approaches. (~ 45% time)

8.       Provide consultations to core users (~ 10% time)

9.       Organize billing for core services. (~ 2% time)

10.   Assist in developing procedures, coordinate information with others as needed (~ 2% time)

11.   Co-author research projects (< 1 % time)




Perform other duties as assigned.




Department/Core: Daily: contact with supervisor to discuss operations.

External/University: Several times per week: contact with core users.


University: Occasional: contact with other departments to share information.


Supervise research assistant(s)/technician(s).


Experience: 5+ years of hands-on experience with advanced transcriptomic approaches (experiments and RNA bioinformatics) required.

Education/Licensing: PhD in science.



1.       Hands-on experience with general RNA-related procedures (e.g. RNA isolation, Radiolabeling, Northern Blots, Density Gradient Centrifugation, etc.)

2.       Hands-on experience with NGS library preparations for advanced transcriptomic approaches (e.g. iCLIP, ribosome profiling etc.).

3.       Hands-on experience with NGS data analysis and interpretation for advanced transcriptomic approaches (e.g. iCLIP, ribosome profiling etc.).

4.       Fluency in R.

5.       Advanced knowledge of RNA biology.  

6.       Ability to interact with colleagues, supervisors, and customers face to face.

7.       Ability to develop and adopt new protocols for NGS library preparations.

8.       Ability to develop and adopt new protocols for bioinformatic data analyses.

9.       General ability to operate laboratory equipment.

10.   Ability to meet consistent attendance and deadlines. 



General laboratory environment. Work with radioactivity, biohazards, as needed. Dedicated office for bioinformatic analysis, conference room for consultations with core users.   


Qualified candidates should please send CV to Eckhard Jankowsky:



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