Post Doctoral Research Fellow - Department of Pathology/Biochemistry


December 2021 

Postdoc position available 

The Post Doctoral Research Fellow position aims to recruit a recent Ph.D graduate to lead studies on unraveling novel molecular and cellular mechanisms in inflammatory bowel disease.  

Skills required  

Basic and advanced skills in immunology and proficiency in working with mouse models. Experience  with cell and molecular biology using cellular systems, human blood and tissue, mouse organs.  Experience in bioinformatics such as genome/proteome analysis and data mining on disease models. 

Independence in experimental design and operation of advanced laboratory and technical equipment  for conduct of advanced research procedures under limited supervision. 

Ability to lead the project alone or as a member of a team, skills to reach impactful publications, as  well as multitasking potential to contribute to other projects in the lab. 

Involvement in professional activities including meeting presentations, manuscript preparations, and  grant writing. 

Ph.D in life science related subjects, with a competitive track record. 

Your application must address the selection criteria. Apply by email with your Biosketch. 

Dr. Parameswaran Ramakrishnan, M.S., Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 

Department of Pathology/ Biochemistry 

School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University 

6526, Wolstein Research Building 

2103 Cornell Road, Cleveland, OH 44106 


Phone: 216-368-2387